“A cook, when I dine, seems to me a divine being, who from the depths of his [her] kitchen rules the human race. One considers him [her] as a minister of heaven, because his [her] kitchen is a temple, in which his [her] ovens are the altar.”
- Marc Antoine Desaugiers

Xin Chào!

My name is Vicky Pham-Le. A mother of two and wife of one. In 2014, I quit the 9-to-5 rat race to focus on the more important parts of my life, raising my children and taking care of my family. In between being a master hide-and-seeker and boo-boo kisser, I spend my spare time in the kitchen.

I love trying new recipes and eating good food, particularly traditional Vietnamese home cooking. Vietnamese cuisine beautifully encompasses sweet, sour and savory. Its reliance to fresh herbs and vegetables makes it one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, and the cuisine that I strive to keep alive in my kitchen.

I learned how to cook from the least likely of people, my mother-in-law. She pushed cooking on me and initially, I had little interest. I strongly believed she taught me so I wouldn't starve her newly-wedded son who at the time was still very much “culinary pampered.” You wouldn't believe how much culinary information I retained despite being uninterested and unmotivated.

Then I got hungry. I quickly learned to appreciate her cooking after realizing that there was no way to replicate any of the traditional Vietnamese dishes on my own. It was either take notes and learn, or starve. I chose the former and boom, VickyPham.com was born officially as a food blog in 2014.

Meet my family! Edison (6), Alan (30 something) and Allyson (3). The three weirdos in my life.

Meet my family! Edison (6), Alan (30 something) and Allyson (3). The three weirdos in my life.

Me and my beautiful full-teeth-smiling daughter

Me and my beautiful full-teeth-smiling daughter

My mother-in-law is an amazing home cook with professional restaurant experiences. She loves to share traditional recipes and teach new recipes. She is also great at putting out fires in my kitchen and rescuing what I consider unsalvageable dishes. Her patience in the kitchen and love for making authentic Vietnamese food is contagious, and I strive to be at the same caliber one day. 

I now find cooking a very joyful experience. It's the time in the day when I can shut out the world and bring raw materials together to make something edible and delicious. Either learning from my many mistakes or I enjoying good food, I continue to add new knowledge to my culinary repertoire. 

What I strive for this blog is to document some of my favorite traditional Vietnamese dishes. The goal is quantify “a dash of this” and a “dash of that” from traditional family home cooking into recipes so that they can be accessible to anyone who’s willing to learn. Aside from traditional Vietnamese food, I also document recipes from other backgrounds that I just simply want to try and share.

This blog is my own personal collection of recipes that I can access from anywhere to reference my notes. Hopefully this blog serves the same purpose for others, or at least, inspire people to get in the kitchen and make something delicious. -Vicky