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Steamed Chicken with Vietnamese Coriander (Ga Hap Rau Ram)

Looking for beer food or simply good Vietnamese food that’s quick to put together? Look no further than Vietnamese steamed chicken with coriander (Ga Hap Rau Ram). It’s the perfect food to share among friends while sipping beer, or in my case, a nice cold glass of sparkling water. This steamed chicken is lightly seasoned then steamed with lots of Vietnamese coriander (rau ram). It is also served with plenty of fresh coriander and a lemon-salt-pepper dipping sauce on the side.

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Restaurant Garlic Noodles (Mi Xao Toi)

If you’ve ever dined at an Asian-fusion restaurant, chances are you’ve seen garlic noodles on the menu. It's a seemingly simple dish of egg noodles packed full of garlicky and buttery flavors. A quick Google search resulted in a lot of recipes claiming to be a close restaurant replication. There were a few variations between the recipes so I took the common ingredients from the highly-rated recipes and meshed it into one. The result? Darn delicious.

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