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Vietnamese Shrimp & Pork Egg Rolls (Cha Gio Tom Thit)

The Holidays are around the corner and that means one thing. Gaining weight with lots of good food.

One of my favorite dishes to make during the Holidays is Vietnamese shrimp and pork egg rolls (Cha Gio Tom Thit). It’s a combination of traditional Vietnamese egg rolls (Cha Gio) and whole shrimp. Carry a basket of these bad boys to a dinner party and you’ll be the life of the party… or at least until the egg rolls runs out.

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Vietnamese Fried Fish with Lemongrass (Ca Chien Xa)

Fried Fish with Lemongrass or Cá Chiên Sả is the simplest way to have fish in everyday Vietnamese home cooking. The marinade is a simple mixture of lemongrass, garlic, salt, pepper and a bit of ground turmeric for color. Red pepper flakes are added for a spicy version.

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Chinese Takeout Recipe: Honey Walnut Shrimp

Honey Walnut Shrimp is a widely popular Chinese-American takeout dish. It's crunchy succulent shrimp dressed in a creamy honey-mayo sauce, topped with caramelized walnuts. It is a tasty appetizer or when eaten with steamed white rice, a filling entree that's loved by many.

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Tamarind & Honey Chicken Wings (Ga Rang Me Mat Ong)

Gà Rang Me Mật Ong is crispy fried chicken wings coated in a sweet honey and tangy tamarind sauce. You can also add a spicy kick with Sriracha or sate chili oil. Preparations are simple. Season the wings with salt and pepper. Coat them in corn starch then pan-fry until golden brown. Toss crispy fried chicken in a simple sauce of fish sauce, honey and tamarind. Crunchy, savory, sour and sweet, it's an appetizer to tantalize all taste buds.

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Crispy Fried Butter Quail (Chim Cut Chien Bo)

Deep-fried quails are known in Vietnam as street food. Street vendors would pre-fry the quails and stack them on the small window of their push carts for display. The vendor would fry the quails again to order until golden brown and serve them with a side of pickled or fresh vegetables, and a peppery lemon dipping sauce. They are cheap, quick and delicious.

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