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Vietnamese Caramelized Chicken with Ginger with Coconut Soda/Juice (Ga Kho Gung)

One of my favorite family meals is chicken-based. One whole chicken can be made easily into two dishes. My go-to soup in the Fall is Kabocha Squash Soup with Chicken (Canh Ga Nau Bi Do). The rest of the chicken is caramelized/braised with lots of ginger into a dish that we call Ga Kho Gung.

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Vietnamese Chicken with Coconut Juice (Ga Rim Nuoc Dua)

The other day I rummaged through some old papers and found a recipe written down from long ago. The recipe was for the very first dish I made my husband when we got married. I wanted to ensure I started off the marriage on the right foot and, of course, cooking good food was how I was going to achieve that. I remember taking meticulous notes of this recipe from my mother-in-law, who walked me through detailed instructions on how to make the perfect Vietnamese Chicken with Coconut Juice or Ga Rim Nuoc Dua.

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