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Vietnamese Coconut Pandan Waffles (Banh Kep La Dua)

Vietnamese Coconut Pandan Waffles (Banh Kep La Dua) are made with a combination of all-purpose flour, tapioca starch, baking powder, sugar, coconut milk and, of course, pandan extract. Pandan is the vanilla of Southeast Asia and is what gives these Vietnamese waffles their iconic green color and wonderful aroma. 

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Vietnamese Sizzling Crepe / Pancake (Banh Xeo)

If you walk the streets of Vietnam, you will get bombarded with an array of amazing smells from the abundance of street food all around you. One famous street foods that not only can you smell, but hear is Banh Xeo (Vietnamese sizzling crepe/pancake)

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Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls (Banh Cuon)

Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls (Bánh Cuốn) are thin sheets of steamed rice batter filled with ground pork, jicama and woodear mushrooms. The rice rolls get a glaze of scallion oil, a sprinkle of crispy fried shallots, served on a bed of fresh thinly sliced cucumbers, chopped lettuce, Vietnamese herbs, blanched bean sprouts, slices of Vietnamese sausage (Chả Lụa) and Vietnamese fish sauce dipping sauce (Nước Mắm Chấm).

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Light and Fluffy Sour Cream Pancake Recipe

I realized ingredients for making pancakes are always in my pantry and fridge. The basic ingredients are flour, eggs, sugar, salt, baking soda and milk. I decided to start making my own and boy, were the pancakes awesome. My favorites are sour cream pancakes. The sour cream adds life and freshness. Plus, it makes the pancakes super fluffy and soft.

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Vietnamese Savory Mini Pancakes (Banh Khot)

Banh Khot, or Vietnamese savory mini pancakes, is made from a batter of rice flour, corn starch, tumeric powder and coconut milk. The batter is fried on a cast iron Banh Khot or Aebleskiver frying pan to crispy perfection on the outside and fluffy on the inside. These mini pancakes are topped with shrimp, brushed with scallion oil and sprinkled with a dash of toasted minced dried prawns. They come with a plate stacked high in Vietnamese herbs and a small bowl of spicy and sweet dipping sauce. 

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