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Vietnamese Caramelized and Braised Pork Belly with Eggs (Thit Kho Tau)

Vietnamese caramelized and braised pork belly with eggs, or Thit Kho Tau, is a traditional everyday Vietnamese dish. It consists of large chunks of pork belly and boiled eggs slowly braised in coconut juice. Thit Kho Tau is typically eaten with rice and pickled bean sprouts (Dua Gia) to cut through the fat.

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Vietnamese Caramelized Pork (Thit Kho To)

Vietnamese caramelized pork, or thit kho to, is a classic dish from the Motherland. You will likely see this as one of the many side dishes to rice in a home-cooked Vietnamese meal. Vietnamese caramelized pork is made with small chunks of pork belly slowly braised in fish sauce and caramel syrup.

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Vietnamese Braised Pork and Pineapple (Thit Kho Thom)

Pork and pineapples go wonderfully together. There are many dishes from different countries that include these two ingredients. In Vietnam, we braise pork belly or pork shoulder with pineapples in a clay pot with fish sauce and a thick caramel sauce for color. The dish is savory with a hint of sweetness and it's great with white rice. 

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