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Vietnamese Combination Dry Egg Noodle Recipe (Mi Kho Thap Cam)

Vietnamese Combination Dry Egg Noodles, or Mi Kho Thap Cam, is similar to the more well known Hu Tieu Kho but except instead of Hu Tieu noodles, a chewy and clear noodle made from tapioca flour, it is made with Mi noodles, a noodle made from eggs and wheat flour. The toppings are the same as in Hu Tieu Kho, which is pretty much a smorgasbord of proteins. It is served dry. However, it comes with a small bowl of Hu Tieu broth on the side for slurping. The dish also comes with a soy sauce dressing that you pour over the noodles. You mix everything together, thoroughly incorporating the bean sprouts and Chinese chives on the bottom of the noodles.

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