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Vietnamese Vegetable Dipping Sauce with Caramelized Fish Sauce (Mam Kho Quet)

Mam Kho Quet is a sauce and vegetable dish derived from poverty when Vietnamese farmers had plentiful vegetables but very little protein. The dipping sauce is made by caramelizing fish sauce and sugar in a small clay pot with a small amount of pork, dried shrimp, dried fish, and/or pork fat. The sauce is then served in the clay pot alongside a platter of fresh and boiled vegetables.

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Vietnamese Caramel Cooking Sauce (Nuoc Mau)

Vietnamese Caramel Sauce (Nước Màu) is not a sauce you put on ice cream or an ingredient you use in baking. It's not even sweet. In fact, it's bitter. Vietnamese caramel sauce is used in many Vietnamese savory caramelized dishes (Món An Khô). Its purpose is to color meat to make it more appetizing.

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