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Simple & Delicious Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

Teriyaki is a traditional Japanese cooking technique in which meat is grilled then brushed with a sweet glaze made of soy sauce, sake and mirin. Here is a popular Western adaptation of teriyaki sauce. It excludes sake and substitutes mirin with more widely available ingredients, such as honey and brown sugar.

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Crispy Fried Butter Quail (Chim Cut Chien Bo)

Deep-fried quails are known in Vietnam as street food. Street vendors would pre-fry the quails and stack them on the small window of their push carts for display. The vendor would fry the quails again to order until golden brown and serve them with a side of pickled or fresh vegetables, and a peppery lemon dipping sauce. They are cheap, quick and delicious.

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Honey Mustard Garlic Chicken

With a few cloves of garlic, a bit of honey and a bit of mustard, honey mustard garlic chicken was what's for dinner. The chicken came out extremely tender and moist. The honey mustard glaze beautifully coated the chicken with sweet and tangy flavors.

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