How I Started as a Food Blogger

Me and my beautiful daughter

Me and my beautiful daughter

People often ask me how I started as a food blogger. The short answer: I made a recipe website to practice Vietnamese home cooking because I sucked.

The long answer:

It all started when my geeky boyfriend (now husband) bought technologically-challenged me a piece of the web as a gift. Being a huge introvert with a strong social retardation, my self-titled domain was my outlet for boring daily life and unfiltered gripes. That soon got boring.

Fast forward a few months, I married and moved out of my parents’ house. Reality soon hit that I had no clue how to cook any of the traditional Vietnamese food that I was accustomed to as a child.

I realized that to learn how to cook, I had to start. I rolled up my sleeves and started at the age of 25. Luckily for me, I have a mother-in-law, a former restaurant cook, who loves to teach. Even though she mainly taught me dishes that her newly-wedded son loved so that I wouldn’t starve him, I managed to pick up on a lot of tasty recipes. I jotted down notes on random pieces of paper to record all the new things I was learning, which soon became piled and scattered. My untouched website came to the rescue as an efficient way to store my plentiful and meticulous recipe notes.

My very first food-related post was a the Lion King sushi roll. I quickly forgot about the post and the website altogether until I got notifications of a few likes and comments. That intrigued my interest in the website again. I began slowly posting more recipes with a focus on Vietnamese home cooking.

With the encouragements of a few strangers online, I pressed on. I upped my food photography game … claimed my husband’s DSLR camera as my own and learned how to take better photos. My official Vietnamese home cooking blog was born in early 2014.

So welcome to my humble online abode. Kick off your shoes. Peruse my recipes. If you get a chance, leave me a comment and connect with me on social media.