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Grilled Vietnamese Bread with Salt & Chili (Banh Mi Nuong Muoi Ot)

Banh Mi Nuong Muoi Ot has gotten really popular in the major cities of Vietnam recently. You will see young foodies, eagerly waiting in long lines to get a taste of this unique and flavorful snack from the many food stands that have popped up overnight. What makes this street food so popular is because it offers a taste of American and Vietnamese fusion. Plus, it's simple good food, and I can't imagine the wonders it does for a bad hangover.

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Recipe: Potato Slider Buns

Do you know what's scary? When grocery-store-bought bread doesn't grow moldy. This is the very reason I started switching to making my own batch of freshly baked bread every week. These potato buns are sturdy enough for burgers and fluffy enough for rolls. Plus, they are downright delicious.

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Vietnamese Banh Mi Baguettes

I didn’t realize how much work goes into baking bread. I spent almost 6 hours from start to finish, making baguettes for Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches. Most of that time was spent waiting on the dough. If reincarnation exists, I would like to come back as bread dough. You get massaged, caressed, and allowed to sit and relax.

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